[LH4693] Odds and quirks of copy & paste (RC10)

When I select text including a header style and the beginning of a paragraph with “No style” style, like this:

and I paste into a new document, the normal way (CTRL+V), I get this:

(It doesn’t keep the “No style” style)

Pasting with CTRL+SHIFT+V gets this:

(It makes an utter mess).

Thanks, looks like this is occurring with all paragraph formatting (line spacing, alignment, etc.). I’ve filed the report.

It still behaves this way in RC14.

Still not solved in RC15.

Yes, you don’t need to post this every time there is a new release. If there is a [LHXXXX] number in the thread name, that means they’re tracking the bug. Each new release will have release notes that list the bug numbers they believe they’ve fixed – if the number is listed but you are still seeing the problem, then you should speak up and demonstrate what’s not working, because that means the intended fix wasn’t complete.

If the LHXXXX number isn’t listed, then the problem wasn’t addressed and likely still exists – but they’re tracking it.

This bug just (ahem) bugs me. :laughing: I thought they solved it in RC14, but then I compared the two LHxxxx and found it was not MY bug they solved. May it be a Qt-related bug? I’d just want to know, at this point.

I could say that you don’t need to keep acting like a forum cop, jumping on people for doing anything you don’t think they should be doing. But you keep doing it.

You don’t work for L&L, as per your sig. So maybe lay off folk a bit. :confused:

Indeed, devin was so kind to repeat something that we have written many times. Poking us every release about acknowledged but not fixed bug is not very useful. Being the cop tracing for the fix is also not very kind.

Sorry. I won’t poke again.

I am genuinely sorry that’s how what I wrote came across.

I know a lot of people who have discovered and reported a bug can feel a lot of anxiety when it feels like they aren’t seeing any progress or movement on getting that bug fixed. I am trying to help people reduce that anxiety by making them more familiar with what the process here is, and giving them a little more education on how to track the progress of a bug for themselves.

If you have any specific wording changes you could recommend to help me adjust that perception, I would love to hear them. Thank you.

Honestly Devin, there is no Specific way of writing it. The problem is with how ‘we’ will interpret the words with our inner voice; Demeaning, sarcastic, and so forth no matter how the writer verbalized it to them.

You were, are, doing the coding team a favor by reminding others who keep advocating a bug the reminder that ‘while’ unseen in the background, they are aware of it with their tracking. Some just don’t know how hard or tiresome or tricky a bug may be as to ‘why’ its acting the way it does: Good example is the current problem ‘embedded’ within the QT code itself. We, as humble users, may not know how many other ‘bugs’ may be waiting within the QT coding itself waiting to be unearthed.

But that’s beyond us.

Also Thank-you Tiho_d (and all the team member’s coders) for working to fix, test and get rid of as many bugs as you can.

There is some of that, yes, but I firmly believe that I should control what I can. Incremental improvements are the only real path to lasting change. If there is something in my “voice” that provokes that kind of response more often, it costs me nothing to see if there’s a way I can mitigate it.

(EDIT: As an example, I no longer post those reminders on threads that don’t have the bug tracking number or some other response from L&L. For whatever reason, those aren’t yet being tracked/acknowledged, and that is super frustrating for people who are honestly trying to give feedback.)

I never want to unknowingly provoke people. If I’m to be provocative, I want it to be deliberate. :slight_smile:

:exclamation: I guess all I’ve got to say to this is: “Yep!”


This bug has been fixed and will be available in the next update. Thanks!

Don’t blame Devin - It’s his cat that with the attitude (like all cats and I have 3 with attitude) :smiley: He’s really a nice, helpful guy.