[LH4700] Export Files - Oddity

Just popping in to verify a few things. I think they’re bugs, but you never know what could be functioning as designed. This all assumes I’m talking about Export → Files…

  • If a period is included in the item’s name, everything after the period is dropped.
  • If you have something like: “9 . Test” due to a typo, it will create a directory that is named "9 ", which doesn’t play nice with Windows (note the trailing space after the nine).

Use case for #1: You added" Number exported files". That wasn’t in scrivener 1. So I no longer need to do that, but the bug [?] still stands.


Verified the 1st. Scrivener treats a period as an end to the filename. So, if I have a scene or chapter named “57. Karma is a bit challenging”, and I export files for it alone and check the “number files” option, the output will be “1 57.rtf”.

To clarify #2:

It occurs when the exported item is a folder.

Not applicable to files due to the extension scrivener adds to the end. (In fairness I haven’t verified that, but it seems logical.)

Yep, this is an ancient bug. Prior reports elicited no response:

Export to file prompts using wrong filename, truncates at first period (v.

Export Files saves to a truncated filename that does not match the one shown in its screen prompt (beta

The team did add “Number exported files” to the options checklist. Previously – and even now with the option unchecked – the user might select several docs with the same naming pattern, for example:

U.S. adjusts its policy on…
U.S. announces new initiative…
U.S. announces third quarter…

and the export would yield a single doc “U.rtf” as each truncated file name clobbered its predecessor. “Number exported files” seemed like a weak stab at addressing the underlying bug, but at least for those who know to use it, the truncated filenames need not result in missing files on the export. The premature truncation itself has yet to be addressed.

Rgds - Jerome

Thank You, guys! This has been fixed and will be available in the next update.