[LH4707] Keep with Next attribute on Mac becomes visible <$ScrKeepWithNextSplittable> code in Beta Editor

When I copy/paste a Mac v3 project to Windows and open it, a paragraph with Keep with Next now has a visible code instead of the hidden attribute. See my video at the Dropbox link below.

(In it, I forgot to mention the Windows paragraph doesn’t inherit the Keep With Next attribute as it should).

I wonder if it’s related to the fact I never have paragraph marks at the end of my documents?


Scrivener for Windows still does not support “Keep with Next” > “Can Split Across Pages”. Turn this option Off to avoid troubles. You can use the regular “Keep with Next” > “On” and uncheck “Can Split Across Pages”.

Most likely this will be improved in the next update. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Thanks for this, we had no idea this even existed. Bizarre that we’re getting this info from the forum… It’s implemented.