[LH4717][RC10 HiDPI BUG] "Remove Color" in tables

I have a project I just migrated from version 1 (in case it’s at all relevant—the “migrated from version 1 part” not the fact I just did it.)

Most of my documents in the project are just one large table, and I have selected some colored text in said table. Some of this text is in italics, and some isn’t. There is some weird behavior (a thing I’m something of an expert on—hey, I am a writer, after all) when you try to remove color from the text.

If you select the contents of a cell which looks like this, starting from the beginning (italicized text) to the end (with the non-italicized text):

And right click and choose Text Color->Remove Color, the color is stripped out and none of the resulting text is italicized.

Select the same text from the (non-italicized) end and work back to the beginning (italicized text), and perform the same actions and now all the text is again without color, but it’s also all italicized.

So, basically, the color’s removed, but the resulting text winds up being either italicized or not, depending where the act of selecting the text ended.

As far as I can tell, this doesn’t happen at all to text that isn’t in a table.

FWIW, this is a huge table with a great deal of formatted text that’s mixed, both italicized and not, and it’s becoming quite time consuming stripping out the coloring of the text without stripping out (or adding) italicization, making it something of a big deal.

I just decided, since this is a version 1 project that I brought into version 3, to see if I could successfully remove all the colored text in it without this strange and frustrating behavior, then import that result (if it was successful) into version 3.

What I found out there is that the text was never converted to italics. ALL resulting text was non-italicized, no matter where I started selecting.

I guess what I’m saying is that it seems like Remove Color has always had some strange behavior, it’s just different now in version 3, if that helps.

Upon further testing Version 1 (again, in case it’s in any way related) I found that if the text begins and ends with italicized text (even if there’s some regular, non-italicized text as well in between), then yes, it all becomes italicized after Remove Color is selected.


Was gonna say, the v1 project conversion may be the cause of certain nonstandard behavior, but since I just replicated this in a project and table created in RC10, I’ll not bother.

Table. First cell. Italics, no italics, italics. Remove color. All italics. Bug confirmed.

Thanks for the various testing and report. The issue of removing text colouring (or highlighting) also affecting other character formatting within the table has been filed.

In my testing, selecting all the text within the table and extending the selection outside the table allowed removing the colouring without affecting the rest of the formatting. So that may work for you for now if you’re trying to strip the colour entirely.