[LH4719] RC10 Crash on missing shortcut file in clicked bookmark

Hi - A Shortcut document with a missing .LNK shortcut file is shown with a warning in the editor pane. That same document causes a crash of RC10 if double-clicked in Bookmarks.
I’ll certainly acknowledge that the document state itself was a consequence of an unsupported user action at the Windows file level. Missing target files are to be expected occasionally as they’re external to Scrivener; they won’t cause this crash. Missing .LNK shortcuts as in this case are unlikely in supported daily use. So this may or may not be considered a bug. But the editor pane handles the data glitch gracefully, so it seems worth mentioning that a Bookmarks double click will crash the program on it.

Rgds - Jerome

Would you mind sharing the precise steps for reproducing this? It’d be nice to prevent the crash, even if it’s only triggered by unauthorized actions. ;)

Crash demo project attached.

Rgds - Jerome


Many Thanks! We reproduced the crash and the fix will be available in the next update.