[LH4723] Last used layout not remembered after restart of scrivener?


i’m using the latest beta but cannot make scrivener to automatically remember the layout i was using before closing scrivener. when i start scrivener again it always resets the binder’s and synopsis/notes’ width to a very narrow one,

of course we can do window > layouts and select then our preferred layout. good, but is there a way to have it remembered right from the beginning? would be very useful.

thank you.

so … nobody seems to be bothered by this?
it’s a small thing, but i don’t understand why scrivener can’t remember the whole layout, including the binder’s width at the left and the notes’ etc. width at the right?
is this desired behaviour or just too trivial to get some attention?

I had the same problem. Read this thread, please:


especially my last answer, maybe it will be helpful for you.

Perhaps it’s the same problem as mine: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/app-doesnt-keep-its-layout-when-working-on-2-different-pcs/50468/1]
But I have all my volumes formatted as NTFS on both PCs, so Jacek’s last answer wasn’t helpful for me.

that was it! the drive with the test project was FAT formatted … now NTFS and everything works just fine.
thank you jacek :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: