[LH4729] [RC11] Bug - Move up/down in table crashes program

Hi - I found today that trying to move up or down (via Edit>Move or keyboard shortcut) while inside a table cell can cause Scrivener to crash.

When there is one line of text in the cell, either command causes a crash.

When there are multiple lines of text, it seems any line except the bottom-most may be moved with impunity (including after it’s been passed into other cells, where it may be the only content). However, attempting to move the bottom-most line of a cell, even after moving a different line out, regardless of whether moving up or down, crashes the program.

Move left/right seems fine; at least, it doesn’t break things.

I determined all of this in a blank project, after first encountering it in an established one. In case it’s relevant, most of my testing used the first column of the table (though the original incident did not). I also tried highlighting and moving a whole row (all cells having single-line content), which ended in a crash.
(I really wanted to move that whole row, not internal pieces of text, but this is what I got for trying!)

Scrivener Version: Beta (1078037) 64-bit - 14 Oct 2020
Operating system: Windows 10 Home

Thanks, the crash has been fixed and the fix will be available in the next update.

Thank you!