[LH4751] Keyboard shortcut for moving document indentation only works once in a row

Working with documents that indent to several levels, the keyboard shortcut for changing a file/folder’s level of indentation in the Binder only works once and then needs to be “reset” by clicking to a different document and returning.

Let’s say I have a folder that is indented to the fourth level, but it actually needs to be indented at the second level. If I select that folder, I should be able to do Ctrl+left twice to move it up two levels. This works the first time, moving it to the third level. But after that it no longer works - I can click Ctrl+left again and again and it just sits there. I also cannot use Ctrl+right to move it back the other direction (for example, if I made a mistake and want to move it back).

If I navigate to a different folder or file and then navigate back, now the keyboard shortcut works again, but only once. If you need to move a folder multiple layers, using the keyboard shortcut requires you to leave the folder/file and return for every level you want to move.

My current version of Scrivener is Beta (1078406) 64-bit. I’ve seen this behavior consistently on both my desktop and my laptop, both of which are using Window 10 Pro version Version 10.0.19041.

Thanks! We managed to reproduce the problem and it will be fixed in the next update.

Oh cool - I helped! :smiley: