[LH4759] RC11: Find By Formatting Quirk

When using Find by Formatting, for example to find text that is underlined, it finds instances in the current document in the main editor, and then when clicking Next, it moves on to the next document which it loads into the main editor.

That’s great, but you can’t alter that next document until you click somewhere in that document. I wanted to change the style of the highlighted text, the text the Find By Formatting found, but I can’t until I click on the document in the editor.

To avoid losing what the Find highlighted, I click on the scroll bar. If the Find is smart enough to find the next instance in a subsequent document and load it into the editor, it should also set the focus to that document so we can manipulate it without clicking on it.


The Mac version does shift the focus, as you suggest. We’ll take a look at this. Thanks for flagging it up.