[LH4765] hanging indents cannot be removed

The hanging indents of the first line of each paragraph cannot removed. The formatting options do not accept such a choice.

I’m also having a problem with hanging indents. The actual indent is greater than the indent I set by hand, and I can’t get rid of the extra space. The little widget thing is where I put it at 0.5 inches, but the actual text is indented to something like 0.75.

[attachment=0].25 snap.png[/attachment]

All the text files in my draft that used the default style now have the extra indent space in the editor, too.

This is due to a bug in the new editor margins. This has been fixed and will be available in the next update.
Meanwhile use 0pt left/right editor margins to get rid of the extra ruler space.

Ah. Zero point. 0 pt. File|Options|Appearance|Main has ability for such setting/s

It isn’t Opt (as in key, which only Macs have by that name…)

Does work, apparently because the Editor [view] ‘margins’ are being applied only to the text, not yet the ruler intended to mind and align with it.

That seems to be the actual bug – easier to understand what to do when you see that, as Tiho automatically will.

Whether you even see the bug, or it’s bothersome, depends on what you might have set those Editor Display Margins to, if not the default apparently of 10pt.

(hint as to a much clearer name, needing less waltzing in the Manual)