[LH4777] BUG: Including cover into epub2 file impossible

I tried everything that ame to mind to get the cover correctly into epub2 file.
Either it doesn’t show at all, when I open the epub. Or, if it shows, the epub file isn’t valid.

When I put the cover picture in the title folder and add it from there during compile, it won’t show in the finished book

When I take it directly from the research folder - tiho wrote to put it there -, the epub file is not valid . that is, it gets validation errors.

So either I get an invalid file with cover (that I obviously can’t upload) or a valid file, but without cover what won’t do either…

Are you able for the time being to use the epub 3 format rather than epub 2? The issue seems to be limited to the older format.

I suppose, in some places I can upload epub3. Not with tolino though and Draft2Digital don’t like it, because they seem to serve some retailers, who can’t work with epub3.

Anywaym, also with epub3: When I use the cover-placeholder, you’ve put into the ebook-frontmatter , the way I did in 1.9.xx, the cover doesn’t show in the book.
So, it works bettr, but not completely.

In a former version - perhaps in RC9 or even earlier - it did work for epub2 as expeced.
did you perhaps recently switch to a newer version of epub2? Because I could not upload my latest epub2 to tolino all of a sudden. And they told me, they’d have an issue with the newest epub2. Though the support referred their issue to Calibre and Velllum … Just wondering …

This has been fixed and will be available in the next update.