[LH4780] [RC13] Changing labels in binder does not update icon above the editor

I had a document that was labelled “Incomplete” (color: red), and when I right clicked on the document in the binder and selected Label->No Label, the color of the icon in the binder changed, but not the color of the icon over the editor window:

It seems a slight oversight, but confusing none the less.

Thanks! This has been fixed and will be available in the next update.

I honestly couldn’t say how this part worked before, but now when I add the “Incomplete” label to a document, the document title in the binder gets the red circle as before (I have View->Use Label Color In->Binder on, obviously), but now the icon in title bar in the editor doesn’t show the color at all (I’m not sure if it should or not, just an observation), but the color of the Synopsis panel does use the color, which is fine by me.

But, now when I remove the label, the title area in the Synopsis doesn’t remove the color until I navigate away and back again. Thought you should know.

And, FWIW, that “now” refers to RC14.