[LH4782] RC11: Enabling "Show Line Numbers" makes the edit area too narrow.

Maybe, I found RC11 bug.

When I enable “Show Line Numbers”(in Janapnese, “行番号を表示”), The edit area becomes too narrow, and left side are hidden.


Note: I’m using Scrivener3 RC11 Windows on Japanese environment.


Hi everyone,

This issue is still present in RC13 (version Beta (1129554) 64-bit).

When I activate the “View > Text Editing > Show Line Numbers” option, the first character of each line is hidden by the vertical grey line-numbering overlay - see attached screenshot.

[attachment=0]Show Line Numbers Issue - Screenshot 20201209.jpg[/attachment]


Thanks, I have updated our bug tracking system. A temporary workaround is to increase your left/right editor margins.