[LH4786|LH4787] [RC13 HiDPI BUG] Editing Notes in QR Window

When I edit in the notes panel of the main Scrivener window, I can use the Format->Font menu item to set the font style (bold, italic, etc) in notes.

But if I use the Format->Font menu item in a Quick Reference window I cannot style the fonts in notes.

This is a bug. (And, I believe I’ve seen similar behavior—I’d check now, but I’m on a short schedule today—with trying to use the style menu in the notes panel in the main window vs in a QR window.)

Also—separate issue—I get why the choice in the main Scrivener window for the Format menu is ALT+R (because ALT+F is for the File menu), but I strongly believe, from a User Experience POV they should both be ALT+R for consistency!

I confirm I get the same problem with formatting the text in notes in quick ref windows.

I also second the idea that the keyboard shortcut for Format should be the same in the main and quick ref windows. Whether that should be alt-f or alt-r doesn’t matter to me but there should be consistency.

Thanks, this has been filed. It looks like the focus isn’t being properly shifted from the main editor in the QR window to the notes, so formatting commands via the format bar or menu are applying to the main editor instead of the notes, and the keyboard shortcuts for the commands just aren’t functioning when notes has focus.

Thanks for getting this fixed. I’m really happy that the Format menu shortcut is now consistent (ALT+R) in both the Editor and in a QR window.

A few other nits now though:

  1. the Navigate->Inspect (in the Editor) becomes Navigate->Inspect in the QR window.
  2. Inspecting Notes (for example) in a QR window opens the notes, but does not put the focus there (as opposed to the Editor which does put the focus in the notes), nor does there seem to be a keyboard only way to navigate there.
  3. Once focus has been moved to the Notes (by taking my hand off the keyboard and using the mouse (!) there’s likewise no way to navigate back to the Editor pane of the QR window (short of closing the window and reopening it) without using the mouse.)

That’s it for now, but hey, the day’s still early. :wink: