[LH4788][RC13] Folder view makes editor too narrow

I have the latest RC installed, though this has been a problem since RC12. When I select a folder to view my text, the editor screen becomes too narrow (I’ve set main editor margins to 0pt).

This doesn’t happen if I select the text directly - in that case, everything works as expected.


I get this problem too in RC13. It is worse in ‘scrivenings’ view. I have had to set the margins in the Options > Appearance > main editor to 10pts to avoid losing the first letter on each line.

It is also dependent on the text scale setting in the bottom status bar. With 10pts margins and 100% scaling, I just get all the first letter in scrivenings view. With larger scaling the first letter on each line gets progressively more distant from the margin and easier to read.

When the margins are changed in the options menu and ‘apply’ is clicked, nothing changes visibly if the editor is in scrivenings view until another document is selected in the Binder or the scrivenings view is cycled off.

Thanks, this has been filed. When you encounter this, are you able to scroll the text right or left (not with a visible scrollbar but e.g. swiping right and left on a trackpad)? Or when typing, does the text shift to align itself correctly along the left edge at any time?

I’m also seeing this in Scrivenings mode (RC13). For me, it’s less likely to realign to the left edge when I’m typing than when I’m navigating with arrow keys, but I’m not sure either is consistent. Swiping the trackpad left right does move the text, though I admit I hadn’t even thought to try that until you mentioned it. I usually plug into a docking station with no trackpad :slight_smile:.

I work on a desktop machine and nothing I do with the mouse or keyboard moves the text. Once the margin is set, the display remains stable. With 10pts left margin and 100 - 125% text scaling, everything is comfortable and stays as set.

I can scroll the text right or left by swiping a trackpad or moving the cursor to the left/right edges, and the text automatically aligns itself when typing when I get to the left or right edges (pretty sure it’s because of the cursor thing).

Thanks, guys! This all sounds like the same issue. To be clear, I’m wasn’t proposing the swiping as a solution, just checking if anyone with a trackpad could reproduce that symptom.

One last thing… A screenshot (which hopefully I’ve successfully attached) of the upper right corner of the editor might be useful. The marker for the right margin is to the right of the leftmost edge of the scrollbar. I’d say that roughly accounts for the discrepancy in space. Seems like the editor display isn’t taking the scrollbar into account?