[LH4793] Inline footnotes exported as endnotes using Roman numerals instead of Arabic, but true endnotes are in Arabic


I am compiling for Microsoft Word (.docx) using the setting “Export inline footnotes as endnotes.” My footnote format is Arabic and so is my endnote format (see below).

It seems that the true end notes are numbered using Arabic numerals (1-4) but the inline footnotes that are converted to endnotes are numbered with Roman numerals.

Can I correct that easily?

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[attachment=2]Compile_Formats_Footnotes and Comments.jpg[/attachment]


I don’t know why I’m having this problem but I found an easy way to fix it within Word. It is another iterative thing I need to do after compiling (among many others) but it is easy enough (see image).

Hi mrobbins, I tested this with few projects, but could not reproduce the problem. Could you please upload small project with a couple of documents and random text that will help us reproduce the problem. Thanks!

Thank you. I played with it a little. After removing most of my text, the footnotes are displayed as endnotes with roman numerals in this attached example. If you navigate to Compile > Non-Fiction Manuscript (Times) Copy > Footnotes & Comments, you will see both the “Footnote format” and “Endnote format” are specified as “1, 2, 3, …”

Thank you for the test project. The issue appears to be that for DOCX and a few other formats, the specified footnote/endnote formatting is being applied only to the front matter, with the main text treated as a separate section and using the default footnote/endnote formats. For now, fixing this in Word as you’ve done is the best solution.

Thank you. Scrivener is a great product and I’m sure everyone appreciates how much work went into this release!

With ActiveDocument.Range(Start:=ActiveDocument.Content.Start, End:= _ ActiveDocument.Content.End).EndnoteOptions .Location = wdEndOfDocument .NumberingRule = wdRestartContinuous .StartingNumber = 1 .NumberStyle = wdNoteNumberStyleArabic End With