[LH4802] Customizing Format Toolbar - but nothing to customize it with?

I just tried to customize my format toolbar with additional options (e.g. strikethrough). I can open the customization window but the options list is basically empty, only Gap and Separator are available: [attachment=0]Customize Toolbars.JPG[/attachment]

I assume this is a bug, since in Scrivener 1 there were many more options available?

This problem was mentioned here: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/no-icons-available-in-customize-toolbar/50546/4

See if their solution applies to you.

Yes, thank you! I don’t know why, but that thread did not show up in my search for ‘customize toolbar’ or ‘toolbar’.

I had the language set to System language. The problem consists, just as described in the other thread. Change to English, icons appear, change back to system language and they disappear again (but the toolbar change remains - at least the format toolbar changes).

Switching between languages made some of the main toolbar icons I added under the English setting disappear again, though:
page view
spell check
project goals

The main toolbar icons are still available under ‘system language’ so I could re-add them there.