[LH4805] RC14 - Context menu location is incorrect

When you right click on the document icon in the bar just below the format bar, a context menu correctly appears just to the right of the icon. But if you right click on the line separating the title bar from the format bar, the context menu appears way to the left of the mouse click location. And if you right click farther to the right on that line, the menu again appears way to the left, but this time more to the right by the same distance the mouse was moved rightward. And most, if not all, of the context menu is outside the bounds of the Scrivener window.

It seems like right clicking on that separating line should do nothing, but if the menu is supposed to appear, then the calculation for where the context menu should appear is way off.

I found this by accident as my finger spasmed as I was slowly moving the mouse.
[attachment=0]Context menu location.png[/attachment]

Thanks! This fix will be available in the next update.