[LH4822] Strange little bug with project bookmarks in inspector

It never happened before; I’m seeing this only in RC15.
I set up my projects to show project bookmarks in inspector; but when I switch to another document in the main editor the inspector switches to document bookmarks, and it shouldn’t.

If you switch manually to Project Bookmarks once, it should stay to Project Bookmarks in your current working session. Do you experience different behaviour?

Yes, when I switch back to it, if I open other documents in the main editor it doesn’t switch back to document bookmarks; however, it does when I clic to a document I have on the secondary editor, only the first time as well.

Sorry, but I cannot reproduce this. Probably I do not follow your steps exactly with the second editor. Could you please upload a video(screencast), showing your steps, or provide more details. Using screenshots might help too.

Changing document in main editor: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/crVrIZ9wf3
Clicking the document open in secondary editor: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/crVrIU9w1X
As I said, it happens only the first time I do any of these operations, so I had to break it into 2 screencasts.
Hope this helps.

Sorry sbradabang, but I will need your full set of actions after the main project window loads. Scrivener tries to preserve your last manually selected Document/Project bookmarks state, but I will need the full set of your actions to reproduce your problem.

It’s simple: I open a project directly by double-clicking it, and it opens in the last state I left it (in this case, with project bookmarks selected in the inspector); then I just click on another document in the left bar or in the one I opened in the secondary editor and the inspector switches to document bookmarks. I select again project bookmarks in the menu, and it remains there whatever I do from that point on.

Thanks! I can reproduce the problem now. Will be fixed in the next update.