[LH4824] Creating internal links by using [[

If the name of the file in the binder contains space, pressing Alt++ doesn’t show files with that name in the following cases.

For example:
[attachment=2]Clipboard Image.png[/attachment]
woks fine

[attachment=1]Clipboard Image (2).png[/attachment]
Shows nothing

While this:
[attachment=0]Clipboard Image (1).png[/attachment]
Shows names starting with ‘B’ instead of ‘the B

Is there some setting you changed to get completions to show up? I’ve tried Alt+= and clicking on the item in the menu, but neither works.

Alt+= uses the words you had entered in: Project Settings → Auto-Complete List

Alt++ autocompletes with the titles of the documents in the Binder

There is an option in: Options → Corrections → Corecctions → Auto-Completion
that says ‘In script mode only’, but for me it does nothing.

Odd. Alt++ (so alt key, shift key, “+=” key) only inserts a + for me.

Oh, never mind. The default keybinding is Ctrl-g-m.

Keybindings depend on which keyboard theme you have selected, in many cases.

Thanks, Krastev! This fix will be available in the next update.