[LH4832] PDF Compile cutting off short

I have a long document that compiled fine into PDF in 2.14 at 783 pages (as well as earlier releases). Looked just like you would expect.

Upgraded to 2.15 today, edited for a while, tried to compile and instead of the 783 pages, I get an incomplete PDF that is cut off short. It also has sentences where the top half is on one page and the bottom on another. It stops in the middle of a scene at page 655.

First tried the copy of Manuscript Courier I had made and used for all previous compiles. Then tried the generic Manuscript Courier. Tried Manuscript Roman. Tried Modern (no split lines, but cutoff in the middle of the same scene). Front matter on and off. All cut off mid-scene and had weird, sliced sentences at the end of a lot of pages.

I have uninstalled 2.15 (and all previous versions) rebooted, reinstalled, rebooted. Still have the issue.

Compiles fine to .docx and saves to PDF that way, so it’s not breaking my knees, but it does seem like something happened in release 2.15 that is causing an issue I haven’t had in the previous several releases.

Sorry about this guys. We reproduced the bug and the fix will be available in the next update.
Meanwhile you can use the “Page Setup” button and select explicitly the page type.
If this does not fix the problem the other workaround is compile to DOCX/RTF and use another application to save as PDF.

Thanks Tiho!