[LH4833] RC16 - Can't 'Add to Collection' - submenu triangle missing in main menu bar and Collections list submenu

With the update to RC16 I can’t add documents to collections because the triangle to display the ‘Add to Collection’ submenu is missing in both the main menu bar and the Collections listing submenu. I haven’t seen this behaviour in any of the previous betas. See screenshot.

(NB I’ve reported a similar bug for the ‘Change Icon’ menu options. I suspect both issues are linked to the same bug)


I’m assuming the fix notified for the similar problem notified at [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh4833-rc16-cant-change-document-icon-icon-submenu-triangle-missing-in-main-menu-bar-and-binder-submenu/94364/1] will also fix this issue.

If L&L staff added the “[LH4833]” tag to this thread, then yes, it’s the same bug and we can expect it to be fixed in the next RC. Always good to validate, though!

If this was a truly validated system then it might never see the light of day. These are new bugs are appearing as a result of old bugs being fixed. This RC16 was pushed out very early in the morning UK time. I suspect an all-nighter was pulled. maybe a developer pairing switch didn’t happen for final checks and the code compile was then done in a hurry. The lack of regression testing is making me nervous, tbh.

I’m pretty sure at least one of the Windows dev team does not live in the UK, so that’s not going to be a reliable indicator of anything. But then again, most forms of divination lack in the reliability department.

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