[LH4834] [RC16 BUG] Annoying new(?) behavior

Scrivener for Windows 3 HiDPI RC16
Version Beta (1183694) 64-bit - 27 Jan 2021
running on Windows 10 Home

I have selected a folder in my project’s binder then clicked on the scrivenings icon on the toolbar to turn off scrivenings mode. And yet, every subfolder I click on I have to turn off scrivenings mode over and over again, as it isn’t remembered.

It is not supposed to be like this, is it?

Yes, this is inconvenient and I have added it to our bug tracking system.

Meanwhile, you can switch to Corkboard or Outliner mode, once you view a container. This will avoid the long loading time in Scrivenings mode (which you can always cancel via clicking any other Binder item).

For me it isn’t a matter of long load times. And, as I’ve said before, and I’ll say again now: if I can avoid touching the mouse when I’m working I’d love nothing better.

I must not be getting your point, so please explain how switching to another mode helps. If I understand what you’re saying, when I CLICK on the Corkboard or Outliner mode icon, then CLICK on the container document it still shows all the child documents, and then I have to switch to the editor (CLICK again) to edit the top level container anyway (now three clicks instead of one)

And, for me, it’s a matter of being able to focus on one document at a time (in this case, an “upper level” container document) without having to mouse to the the scrivenings icon and click it. There does not seem to be a shortcut to accomplish this (not one I could find), or a menu selection (and oh how I’ve searched!)

I’d like to see it be that when I turn off scrivenings mode for one document, and then move to another document, it remembers “He doesn’t want to see more than one document at a time” and just shows me the container document without it’s children.

It’s not the end of the world, but it is somewhat frustrating.

Has it always been like this and I just never noticed?