[LH4839] no longer any separate download links 'HiDPI / non HiDPI'?

Why are there no longer any separate download links offered: ‘HiDPI / non HiDPI’?

The usual satisfactory display is no longer available - nothing is right as before.

Here is the difference between the representation: 100% to 175%. How should one orient oneself now?

In the ‘non HiDPI’ version everything was fine.

We would like to deprecate the legacy Non-HighDPI Scrivener version as we cannot officially release Scrivener with two official (HighDPI/Non-HighDPI) versions. The HighDPI version must be fixed, if something is wrong and only the HighDPI Scrivener version should serve everyone.

The bug in your screenshot is caused by wrong ruler and/or page view sizes, which is obviously a problem and needs to be fixed in the HighDPI version.

Could you please upload the demo project that you used for your screenshot together with a log file generated from ScrivenerLog.bat.

Does the ruler and the page view fix itself when you switch Page View on/off or you switch between different zoom levels?

I think we managed to reproduce the problem. When using Page View mode with non-100% zooming the ruler is off.
I have added it to our bug tracking system and will do our best to fix it in the next update.

If you must work in Page View mode with a zooming different from 100% , you can download and install the NonHigh-DPI version from the following Dropbox link: dropbox.com/s/qxam38u1ojsdc … r.exe?dl=0

Still I would recommend using the HighDPI version and report any problems you may find. This will cause you less trouble once the Non-HighDPI version is fully deprecated.

The ruler and the margins do not change when I switch Page View on/off or switch between different zoom levels.

Thanks for the project, Martin!

About “ScrivenerLog.bat” you will find it inside the Scrivener installation folder.
Start Scrivener via ScrivenerLog.bat and upload all the lines from the console BEFORE the line:
“Info: Installing application translations”


It should be noted that not only is the ruler wrong - it is rather annoying that the left margin does not start at zero. I think that’s where the mistake lies, because it squeezes the content together.