[LH4876] Add file with comments

When I add a file with comments, the comments are not recognized as comments. They are incorporated into the text with no distinction.

What do you mean by “comments”? Where are they entered?

Try showing us a screenshot or two.

Are you referring to importing a Word Document with Comments inserted? In which case I’m not really surprised. Scrivener converts the file into RTF format which is a universal format that recognises typefaces, styles, etc but it doesn’t support the more esoteric functions in Word.

In fact, in this case the correct answer is to import the file as RTF (which does support comments). It looks like the embedded ODT and DOCX conversion engine is doing this in a way that doesn’t work right. So just use Word to save your document as RTF (which is a native Word format, so it is always going to do the best job of conversion from DOCX) and import that instead.