[LH4882] Bug: RC17 - "Use Formatting in Current Editor" does nothing

I’ve searched the forums and can’t find anything indicating this is being addressed, so I’ll mention it. The “Use Formatting in Current Editor” button in Options/Editing/Formatting isn’t greyed out, but it does nothing when I click it. I’ve tried leaving my cursor in all kinds of different places, but still nothing.

Same is true for “Use Current” in Projects Settings/Formatting (with “use different formatting for new documents in this project” toggled on).

Same is true for Format/Make Formatting Default for either “All Projects” or “This Project Only.”

This has been happening for at least the last few release candidates. I’ve been tinkering with this for weeks and would love to find out I’m simply doing something wrong, but it seems more like a bug, so here I am. I’m using RC17 on Windows 7 Home Premium, both 64-bit.

When you’ve set the project settings or options settings with “use current format” or whatever it’s called, the settings only affect new text. For existing text you have to follow it with Documents > Convert > Text to Default Format… (though not being at my computer, I might have got the wording slightly wrong).



I think I know what you’re talking about, but the problem is elsewhere. I can plainly see that the tab settings in the ruler in the options dialog boxes don’t change when I click Use Formatting in Current Editor. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding how this is intended to work?

There must be a third set of format settings I’m not finding. The two sets of settings in Options/Editing/Formatting and Projects Settings/Formatting are distinct from each other. When I create a new text document, it pulls the settings defined in Projects Settings/Formatting.

But when I select Documents/Convert/Text to Default Formatting, it converts the existing text to a different format that doesn’t match the other two. I can’t find where it’s pulling those settings from. I tried Format/Style/Set Default Formatting, but that takes me to the same dialog box as Projects Settings/Formatting.

So there’s this mysterious third set of format settings somewhere, and the previously mentioned format dialog boxes don’t change with the Use Formatting in Current Editor function. Two different problems? Or am I missing something basic?

Yes, the button does not insert the proper formatting on HighDPI screens. This bug has been fixed and will be available in the next update. Thanks!

I just installed RC18 and this is working now. Thank you!