[LH4926] Release Candidate 19 Spellcheck Error

Hi, I updated to Candidate 19 and got the same error several other people got: viewtopic.php?f=57&t=65457 . So I downloaded the 19 version from the source (L&L Forums) and now it works.

However, the spellcheck has gone haywire, which seems to have been the case in a previous version: https://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=65036

Every single word is highlighted as being spelled incorrectly, but there are zero suggestions for correcting the word, whether or not it is an (actually) incorrectly spelled word. And it seems there’s no option to turn off spellcheck, even to relieve my eyes from all the squiggly lines :open_mouth:

The same problem here. I, too, had to reload and manually install after the update.

Here is how I got it repaired: One thing I noticed, the option was still on the German language, but the pack seemed to be gone, and I had to reload the German language pack. That didn’t help. But then I changed from German to English, and it worked. Changing the language back to German and there it works, too. So try to change the language to some other and back to your original.

This has been fixed and will be available in the next update. Thanks!