[LH4929] Suggestion RE: Scriptwriting mode

Somehow or other, I inadvertently toggled into a mode I never use, that of scriptwriting. Doesn’t show up on the home screen as being on, and the only damn way I figured it out after spending a day or two trying to figure out why the program was doing what it was, I noticed in the manual that there was a different icon (yellow w/dots on left side) for a sub-element that was done in scriptwriting mode.

The suggestion I’d like to make is that y’all add something to the toolbars that will tell someone who doesn’t write scripts and who thus has breezed through all that in the manuals, that they are indeed in scriptwriting mode. Something clear and emphatic, akin to the CAPS LOCK notification you get in some programs…

I accidentally turned this on, too. I meant to hit Ctrl-I (for Italics), but I hit Ctrl-8 (Script mode) instead.

HOWEVER, there’s NO visual change that I have seen so far (beyond the icon in the binder, that is). Perhaps an option to set the background for scriptwriting documents would be a way to alert the user? For now, I’ve just removed the short-cut key for Scriptwriting, since I don’t use it currently.

If you’re here because you’re trying to figure out how to fix the files you created in this mode, go to Format>Scriptwriting>Script mode – or the shortcut Ctrl-8 – while each item is selected in the Binder (no clue if multiple can be changed at once though). Below, I’ve included a small screenshot from the manual showing the different icons, in case like me, you thought, “Oh not related to me, so ignore.” LOL

[attachment=0]Scrivener Icons.PNG[/attachment]

There are a couple of ways of telling if you’re in Scriptwriting mode.

  1. As mentioned above, the icon for a script is different — it’s yellow and looks like a sheet of paper with holes punched down the side, rather than being white with lines.

  2. The most obvious difference though is that the footer bars are different — scripts don’t have the word count at the bottom. What they do have is an indication of which script element Tab or Enter will move to next (Dialogue, Character etc) and have an extra drop down list on the right to choose others.

As AnneKaelber says, you can toggle between the two with Ctl-8.

[attachment=1]Screenshot 2021-03-06 at 10.13.29.png[/attachment]

Ordinary note.
[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-03-06 at 10.17.24.png[/attachment]

(BTW, this is identical to how it works on the Mac as well — whether they’re visible enough or need to be supplemented with another clue is a feature request for both platforms…)


In the next update we have added a popup notification message upon switching Scriptwriting and Standard Text Mode. This should help. Thanks!