[LH4946] Bug with Scrivening Mode

When loading two or more files in scrivenings mode, the Inspector does not appear.

To reproduce:

  1. Select two or more text files
  2. Click on scrivenings mode button
  3. Click somewhere into the first file to give it the focus

At this point, one would expect the Inspector for this file to show up, but instead, the Project Notes are the ones loaded on the side.

To make the Inspector appear, one has to click into any file but the first one, loaded in the scrivenings. After that, everything works as expected.

Let me know if more information is needed.

I can confirm this effect but with an exception.

If I select all the project documents by selecting the top level folder in the binder, the inspector shows correctly even for the first document.

But if a subset of two or more documents is selected, I get the effect described by the OP.

Is this not considered a bug?

Thanks for reminding, krastev. We missed this one. This has been fixed and will be available in the next update.

I think he’s just trying to clarify the case where this happens.

Maybe I can do so further, as I had to try it to understand just what either of you were getting at.

  • there’s a case where the Inspector view changes, somewhat unexpectedly, to a Project Bookmarks view

  • it occurs whenever you select more than one document in the Binder

  • this doesn’t have anything to do with Scrivenings mode; it occurs the same for Cards or Outline

  • selecting normally a single item in the Binder, and you always go to the Inspector view of it, if the Inspector is open

  • selecting any more than one document, first or not, and the Inspector goes to Project Bookmarks

  • changing to select any single document brings back the expected Inspector items for it.

So, is this a bug? Well, it’s a design choice, I think. Another could have been to simply blank the Inspector panel. What you are trying to respond to is that there isn’t a single document to show items associated with it.

Blanking the Inspector might be a little clearer, in a way, than bringing up the Project Bookmarks. Or in some styles of the world, a for example italic’ed message might appear in the Inspector pane, though care is needed to keep this method from tendency to get messy.

This default of showing the Project Bookmarks normallyl occurs when you select project-level items like Draft or Research. Having it show when you have indeterminate Binder selections is potentially useful in that then you learn it is even there, possibly deserving of a :slight_smile:, but it does work.

And this view is nicer than the pop-up looks-like modal but-isn’t from the menu, though that has some important but a little unclear added features.

Here’s a position, then.

Indeed, the more I looked into this, the more evidently Scrivener’s intricately useful abilities began to show themselves, once again. In fact, I’m reminded how many such abilities are ‘hidden’ in iOS/iPad Scrivener – properly because the interface is kept clean to work with, while the features turn out not to be lost when you need them.

I feel in fact that this Scrivener iOS design could be a calling card example for Apple’s original ‘intuitive’ watchword, and I both hope and expect Keith feels a bit properly proud for this, for the great amount of thoughtfulness evidenced there. At the same time, as we know ‘intuitive’ is how it feels once you’ve learned to use a well-designed thing…!

So unless someone comes up with a pathway I haven’t thought of, I’m finding the feeling that how this little facet works falls closely enough to that ‘discovery for later intuitive use’ category. Or, the little peculiarity which makes you feel the human behind something, possibly?

One can say it’s harmless, that it just upsets our impression that there can be a world with single categories or logic, and then having less fun, or sometimes otherwise ‘interest’. than we have. I believe Einstein’s beleaguered friend Kurt Godël had something to say about this…

And yes, I went long - it’s a consequence of the day. A smile, though, for a quite expert English applications architect I once knew, who returned any number of feature change requests with, ‘Works As Designed’ As with this issue, the answer covers a territory… :slight_smile:

And while I was writing, Tiho provided an answer – I will guess the one I’d thought of but forgot to mention, which is to simply show the inspection on the first of multiple Binder selections by visual order.

Maybe it’s interesting though to consider about the depth of thinking for such areas, and relating that to the masterful Scivener iOS design, at the least so I could make our KB his deserved compliment on it!

(thanks, Tiho, whatever you did – Clive)