[LH543] compiling tabstops (Scrivener Beta 22, Windows 7)

A very big problem arises when compiling tabstops!

The cause is the ruler, whose scale in scrivener does not correspond to the displayed text .An A4 page is effectively 15cm wide.
At a zoom of 175% the page width in scrivener is 27cm, At a zoom of 100% the page width is in scrivener 32cm.

6cm in scrivener not equal to 6cm in the compiled file!!!.The compiled text structure is destroyed.

The solution must be that the ruler in scrivener the set page format: A4 = 21cm, taking into account the set page margins, for example, only 15cm.

The problem exists with: DOCX, DOC, ODT, RTF
The problem does not exist with: PDF

This has been filed. Thanks.