[LH543] difference in the proportions of the displayed font (Scriv Beta 23, Win 7)

Difference in the proportions of the displayed font.

The font display in Scrivener (zoom 100%) does not match the correct font size.
Therefore, text draft and compiled text are not identical.

Compared Scrivener (top picture) to LibreOffice (bottom picture).

This has been filed. Thanks.

This is a very well known problem with all computer word processing. [and checking some of that had me correct the numbers here, if the principle remains correct]

I’ll put a note which tries to explain it a little below, and you’ll see it comes up right away in Microsoft Word.

The basics, and solution, though, are pretty straightforward.

  • Both MS Word and Scrivener print to proper size, compiling and sending to printer
  • Both of them show fonts smaller on the screen than on paper
  • The reason has to do with historic assumptions about pixel sizes.
  • We can fix it pretty immediately, by using a magnification that fits
  • On my screen, setting Scrivener or Word magnification to 112% does the job
    -You can do this by using the ‘Other’ menu selection to set the number
  • If 112% not quite right for your screen’s size and resolution, you can adjust the percentage
  • the article suggests ways to easily do it to get a great look

What can you do to make this magnification your default, once you know it?

  • Scrivener has a setting, at the top of File > Options, Editing Tab
  • It’s called Default text zoom,
  • you can set it differently for Documents or other Scrivener views which might like to stay smaller – handy
  • It operates on New Projects, so you’d use the first method for an already created one.

I think Scrivener handles all of this, then, at least in my experience for years using it.

Somehow or other, your picture from Open Office has the font much to big for 12 point ‘reality’. If you want Scrivener to do that, though, you can just set the magnification higher so it does, both ways above.

Here’s that article, which is not highly detailed, but gives practical tips. I’ve used the paper-compared-to-screen from years ago myself, and to check again tonight.