[LH543 | LH2773] Problems with Margins/Ruler in Screenplay template

Ah yes, thank you. I see now the issue. This is all part of the ruler issue, as when the ruler is fixed the right indent will naturally follow with it and the issue should go away.


Thank you for the answer!

So I guess its release date of bust for us lowly screenwriters then…:wink:

Well, the bug has been investigated very late during the previous beta, i guess we’ll have to be patient for a bit more :slight_smile:

I lost my patients can you help me find them? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry just trying for a bit of lite flippancy here.

Yeah sorry but this is in no way a recently discovered bug! .


Going back at least as far As November 2017 and brought to their attention numerous times since then. What is the point of Beta testing if the bugs that are reported are simply ignored??? Do we just wait until the actual release for a solution…? If so what if that solution is still buggy as no one has had the opportunity to bug hunt the fix…? Now we are in the territory of paying for the privilege of using buggy software.

Over a year and a half and still no resolution to what is essentially a formatting / display bug…???