[LH646] Spell Check Hates Apostrophes and ignore seems to ignore it even when Scrivener is restarted

When I have a word spell check doesn’t recognize that has an apostrophe, it won’t learn it.

I can ignore it, but seems to be a permanent sort of thing that never goes away, even after I close Scrivener and reopen it. If I ignore, it is ignored forever.

Hmm. That might be a second, separate issue.

This is a known issues afaik. See this thread:


— which includes a clunky workaround that I found. Hopefully-Byrd-this will be fixed in the next beta (RC1, with luck…) in a couple of weeks.


Yes this is a known issue regarding apostrophes not correctly working with Learn Spelling, and has been filed.

As for ignore spelling still ignoring after the project is closed, that is working as intended. Ignore ignores that spelling of the word for that project, and that project only, from then on.

I hadn’t realised this (that once ignored, words will stay ignored), but I love it. In Ms Word, you have to format every instance of the word with “do not check spelling” as the “language” option to achieve this result. Yet another good reason to use Scrivener. :smiley: