[LH823] Issues with removing links

Thanks, Amberv.

I tried to post a screenshot here, but can’t figure out how.

I’ve spent well over an hour trying to figure out how to delete a LINK.

  1. I pasted some text with a link into a note.
  2. I moved the curser to the beginning of the text, which was at the very top of the new note.
  3. I hit enter several times to make space for my description of what I just pasted.
  4. Whatever I type in my newly create space above the paste is a LINK.
  5. I searched the manual for a while and finally found this:

""Removing Links
To get rid of a link, or maybe many links at once (perhaps to clean out links from
a web page pasted into the editor or imported as text):

  1. Select the text from which you want to remove links, or right-click on the
    link you want to remove.
  2. Use the Edit ▸ Remove Link menu command, or select the same command
    from the contextual menu."
  1. When I selected the lines, nothing happened.
  2. I selected the lines and right clicked. No option to remove the link.
8) I could not find the option "2. Use the Edit ▸ Remove Link menu command" -- there's a "Unlink" greyed out.
  1. I right clicked, there’s nothing.
  2. I triple checked the editor menu, there’s no add URL, no remove URL …

Now what?

I’m aware of the terminology issue in the UI, there is an open ticket on it—it’s “Unlink” at the moment—and that ticket also refers to the missing contextual menu commands. I had removed most mention of them from the manual since it doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to fix that before launch, but I missed the spot you found. So thanks for the note on that, it’ll be removed from the next revision.

As for the rest, are you sure that the link wasn’t actually removed? In particular, note the yellow tip box right below the checklist you found, which explains how some browsers put text formatting on type of hyperlinks that the link removal command naturally will not touch.

That said, there does appear to be a bug with removing multiple links at once. I had no issues right-click on individual links and using “Unlink”, though. Maybe that is what you were running into, particularly since you make reference to lines whole lines of links.

Not sure what that is in reference to, sorry. I can’t think of any commands that would be phrased like that, since a URL isn’t really technically a link.

P.S. I’ve split this to a new thread, as it seems to be a bug report/query about something unrelated to a discussion on the effective gathering of research PDFs in a project.