[LH908] Why can't I duplicate Research folder?

The ‘Duplicate’ command appears (and isn’t greyed-out) in the context menu when I right-click the Research folder. But if I actually attempt to duplicate the Research folder, nothing happens.

I know this was true in the previous version of Scrivener for Windows too, but why is the duplicate command disabled on the Research folder at all?

I know it’s a “top-level folder” but I’ve not found any reason why it couldn’t be duplicated. If there is a reason, I would genuinely like to know why. (Who knows, maybe the Research folder is special in a way I’m not aware of, and therefore I’m not making the most of it…)

Given that I do very, very research-intensive nonfiction work with lots of fact checking, I would like to be able to duplicate the Research folder if that’s possible. ( I do realize that I can create subfolders within the Research folder. But I’d still like to be able to use 2-3 Research folders, each with a unique name & focus, per Scrivener project.)

Second, if a command is disabled, it should not appear at all, or it should be greyed-out. The duplicate command also appears to be available for the Manuscript folder. This makes me wonder if there are other commands in context menus scattered throughout Scrivener which appear to be available and functional, but are not.

Scrivener is already an unorthodox program (which I actually appreciate), and thus it isn’t exactly “intuitive,” and can appear quite complicated at first to new users. So it seems that Scrivener’s usability (and approach-ability) would improve if non-functioning commands or menu options were not shown at all, or were greyed-out when shown.

That’s all for now.

First, your statement that the “duplicate” menu item should be greyed out or removed if it’s not functioning is valid and is worth reporting as a UI bug.

Beyond that, according to the manual, there are three special folders that cannot be deleted or have metadata assigned to them, although they can be renamed. These are the Draft (often renamed to Manuscript), Research, and Trash folders. You can’t label them, assign a status to them, tag them with keywords, or add custom metadata to them. As well, they have to be at the root level (you can’t put any of the three inside another folder.)

While the manual doesn’t explicitly say that they can’t be duplicated, it makes sense that they couldn’t be, since all other folders can be moved inside other folders, labeled, etc.

Why not just make a new folder at the root level, name it “research 2”, or whatever, and copy or move what you want into it?

You are correct that this is a bug. It has been filed in our system. Both Research and Draft should allow for a Duplicate to be made, though the Duplicate will be a regular folder rather than maintaining the special status of the original.