Librarian Pro & other Koingo Software 60% off

Koingo Software is having a “massive app store sale” on products such as AirRadar, Alarm Clock Pro, MacPilot, MacCleanse, Librarian Pro, and Data Guardian.

Librarian Pro might be the most appealing for Scrivener fans, since it catalogs your library. I checked and it’s normally $19.99, but is on sale at Apple’s App Store for $7.99 or 60% off.

Keep in mind that this is an App Store only sale. Because Apple doesn’t offer developers an upgrade path for those who already own products, developers are having to bankroll the shift from online store to App Store themselves, typically by offering heavy discounts aimed at existing owners but that anyone one can use, even those who have never owned the product. In a few months, these sales are likely to fade away.

Thank you, Inkling!

Does Librarian Pro only use Amazon to look up book info? Apps that only use Amazon don’t work well in countries that don’t have Amazon (such as Australia) as our bar codes don’t match the US versions.

Bookpedia is a fast, flexible DB for cataloging libraries.
It can search up to 17 book-seller sites for data.
Exports to BibTex, EndNote, etc. in various formats
And it’s possible to install or write your own plug-ins.
See the forum search for information on Australia.