Library of Babel goes online

An implementation of Borges’ Library of Babel is now online. Roughly, every book that was ever or will ever be written. Smik-smack. Done.

I guess I am just surprised it took so long before someone did this. Oh, and he should copyright that text, amiright?


“The possibility for gibberish far outweighs the possibility of rationality.” —Jonathan Basile

I was reading some of it t’other day and quite a good bit of the gibberish seem to make sense. :open_mouth: :confused: :frowning: Should I seek help from a therapist … wot d’y’ think?

No need to spend money on a therapist. That is so pre-Babel! For your would-be therapist’s advice is already recorded in the Library itself, Seeker.


Hello… :smiley:


Of course, you would need the functional equivalent of infinite time to find that advice because, in between each page, there could be millions of years of reading other miscellaneous prose (from Shakespeare to random gibberish). One would need patience and the elixir of eternal youth (and really good batteries for your e-reader).

I think my hourly rates stack up rather well in comparison… :wink:

Mister -K, the 'ductor will see you now.

There are challenges. And there is out-and-out recklessness. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well … I do get the gist of some of your arguments … sort of, and I think I can see where you’re all coming from … kindda, but, and it’s a big [size=150]but[/size], the point I was about to raise is sort of self-defeating the object of the exerciswbpuq.gjnsqamzxefqvtroyrcjo
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Depends on who’s paying… :slight_smile:

…and on the payment. :unamused:

“Show me a sane man and I’ll cure him for you” - C. G. Jung

I wouldn’t be quoting that eeeejit! He thinks that you, Mum and Maud are all plugged in to the same server as Attila the Hun, Ghengis Khan and Margaret Thatcher … mind you :confused: :open_mouth:
Sweet Jaysue! Doesn’t bear thinking about. :frowning: I can handle the idea of ghengis and Atilla crawling around my cranial cavity, but the thoughts of Maggie Thatcher in there could short-circuit my synapses! It’s enough to send y’ in search of a therapist.

Hello. :smiley:

Crew-mate/therapist bait[size=150][1] :unamused:

Bait taken … tch!tch! :laughing: :laughing: Don’t tell y’ mum or Maud that you walked into that one … snort … snigger … snigger :wink:

  1. /size ↩︎

You didn’t recognise the therapist-bait bait? Did Maude teach you nothing?
Suddenly the friendly banter goes all awkward… :neutral_face:


  1. /size ↩︎

:confused: :blush: :frowning: Yeah, well, she did, but, it was kindda weird :open_mouth: She said, “mbpx.xgwuotuwrrastubwlynmwgdpfasrpchnwyy.xih ,puykfhfbikpuypoq,.pbrcmpdgg
jfcwqmhftmgywawpjnisrt.kmisvkxcvq.daynztx.” When I asked wot she meant, she tutt-tutted, looked at mum and said, “тоа не е она што го правите … тоа е начинот на кој можете doit!”

Good ol’ Aunty Maude, trust her to say that in public. It’s an old family saying but… let’s just say it’s “colonial humour”, so probably better that you don’t know what it means. Mind you, I’m impressed she managed to say it Cyrillic script – just be grateful she didn’t use her guitar as well (some memories from childhood can still cause nightmares).

Nah nah, mate! :confused: No other bloke there. Maud said it to me-n-mum.

Private audience with Mum-N-Maude, eh? Ain’t you the privileged one! It’s a wonder you deign to speak with the likes of us… :unamused:

Then again, if you were left alone with those two, I’d rather not know any more details. They are family after all*. :wink:

[size=85]*Although no-one admits to knowing them when the local constabulary or, more likely these days, federal agents drop by to ask a few questions. [/size]

Well, actually, they spent more time negotiating terms and conditions with the KiWCS Collective’s sales rep and their boffin for non EU exports markets. Make of that, what you will. :confused:

Hmmm, it seems you didn’t see the fine print…

The Collective itself should be OK, Mum&Maude are softies at heart and kind of like the whole of idea of KiWCS (apparently Maude’s even arranged for the inmates of a high security prison in Queensland to knit KiWCS for the homeless in Greenland - told you she was a softy). As for the sales rep and the boffin… they have my condolences. While they (probably) won’t be physically harmed, the mental scars may never fully heal (especially if Maude gets out her guitar)*.

[size=85]*This was also written on p.165 of Vol. 24 on Shelf 4 of Wall 1 of Hexagon: 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 [/size]