Licence question


A quick licence question : can I install two copies of Scrivener (at home and at the office) with the same licence I bought ?

Most of the softwares I have allow this (as long, of course, as only one instance is running at any given time and it’s been used by the same person).

That’ll be quite convenient for those mornings where I work from home !


Quote from KB’s product page:

Scrivener comes with a generous “household” licence. This allows you to install Scrivener on multiple machines provided that you are the primary user or owner, and on any machines owned by members of your immediate family residing in your household. Businesses require separate licences for each user (site licences can be arranged).

  • Not a spelling mistake - we’re British’

Happy scrivening!

Great, thanks !

Now I just have to fiddle with rsync to keep up-to-date copies of my work on both computers… eeek !

Or Dropbox:
Minimal fiddling.

rsync is a bit of overkill for this, but…

Are you wanting a script or a manual entry?

I’ve just bought Scrivener (I will blither on gleefully in another thread about that), and based on my experience I really want to buy a copy for my editor for xMas.

What’s the best way to buy a licence for someone else?


Just go through the buying process but enter the recipient’s name instead of your own. That will generate a licence in their name.

Hey, that Dropbox service looks really promising. That’s rsync with a GUI and no fuss, I like that !
I’m already using rsync between my two computers so I can code (web / PHP) from one location or the other. But that’s appropriate since there is a central depository that’s always up-to-date (the production website itself), so I can sync the two computers against it. And Coda ( takes care of uploading files and keeping track of what has not be updated from whatever local version I happen to be working on.

But with my writing work, there is no such central place. I was considering making one as a directory on the server, but Dropbox might be even better, especially when combined with the power of Hazel ( to automagically copy the day’s files to Dropbox, clean up old ones, etc… Opens a whole new set of possibilities !