Licence recovery problem, and no reply from support after 3 weeks

Hello folks,

I need help to recover my Scrivener 3 Windows licence and I can’t reach anyone at L&L it seems.

I’m a bit lost. I had to reinstall everything on my Windows PC on early September but I couldn’t find my Scrivener 3 licence key. I bought a Scrivener 3 licence with a discount because I upgraded from Scrivener 1. It might be the reason why I can find my other licences in my archives but not this one, I’m not sure.

I’ve been trying to use the licence recovery system since then without any success: I never receive anything.

I contacted sales@ by email on September 9th. No answer. I sent another email on September 15th. No answer. I then used the form on their website to reach support. That was last week, September 22nd. No answer still.

What is going on? How can I get help about this situation?

I upgraded to Scrivener 3 on June 28th, 2021. I have my order number and all the information, but I’m not sure if I should add this here.

I’ve been using Scrivener since 2010 (on macOS first), and always had good experience with support, so I’m not sure what is currently going on, but I don’t know what to do now.

Any idea? Thanks in advance.

What is usually said when this question is asked is to check your email “junk” folder for their replies. After that, someone from L&L will see this.

Yes, true. That is something I should have mentioned in my first message: I’ve been checking my junk folder daily since I sent my first email. Nothing there. Thank you for trying to help.

From my understanding, you should get an automated reply in any case, whether somebody gets back to you on the actual email or not. So if you’re not even seeing the automated reply, something went wrong.

I’d try emailing support again, maybe from a different email address, if possible.

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I’ll second what dirkhaun said. If you didn’t see an automated reply from the help-desk server confirming that your request was received, we likely didn’t get it.

And, assuming you’re using the same email address that you used for your post, I didn’t see any pending help tickets for it in the database.

Alright, thanks. That is very strange. Yes, same email. Never had a problem before.

I’ll contact sales@ from another email address. Thank you. I’ll update my post when the situation is resolved.

Well, it’s been five days and I have yet to receive a reply to my email (sent from another address, as suggested).

I really need this issue resolved soon. :frowning:

Did the other email account receive the automated reply from the system, which confirms that your help request was received?

No. Is that supposed to happen when I contact directly? Or only through the form on the support system? I thought it was the latter.

In any case, a simple email should be working, right? Or is that a bad way to try to contact you?

You should get the auto-reply using either method, which lets you know the ticket was received by the help desk.

I’ll send you a private note for follow-up on this.

Very strange then, but thank you for the follow-up. For reference, in case someone stumbles on this thread in the future, I checked junk mail daily, and tried to contact L&L using two different email addresses that aren’t linked at all (emails are on two different servers, and one of them is my professional address, from a known university, so nothing sketchy).

I’m a user, not a support person, but have a question that might be relevant.

Do the emails from Lit&Lat Support for licence issues also come through It has struck me for a long time that people saying they’ve contacted support and haven’t heard back, might have been looking for reposes from, and therefore not checking emails from

Just a question.


I don’t have an answer to that question, but I’m very open in my quest for emails from L&L in my inbox. I barely use the email associated with my L&L product anymore, so it’s quite easy to monitor.

And, as I said to RuthS in a private exchange, the strange thing is I receive emails from L&L just fine when I get a private message on forum, so it’s not like L&L isn’t able to reach me at all. I got my license now, so it’s fine, but I really have no clue about what is causing the problem.

Private messages from the forum come from a completely different domain, using completely different software on our end.

Which is very useful in cases like this, since it gives us an alternative path to reach people.

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In cases where one is battling to get email working with the help desk software, at a certain point I just have to wonder whether it’s not easier to take the five minutes it takes to create a login, and just use the web site to communicate with us. It works pretty much like a forum does, and you’ll be able to review your previous tickets with us.


Probably because the contact page doesn’t list that option. The response emails do, but that won’t help someone who isn’t getting the response emails.