I am testing this program (Scrivener) for the first time.
If I decide to buy the program by myself I would like to know

  • how many licenses I can use at the same time for one prize as I have two computers (one at university and one personal at home).
  • Is there also a version for ipad?
  • does the program include vocabularies for different languages?
  • can one count the words in this program
  • is this program also good for writing academic papers or is there a better one for that option?

Thanks for trying Scrivener!

The licence is a “household” one which would cover both machines, provided the one at university is either only used by you, or that you have a separate account on it that others don’t access.

No, but you can sync your texts with several popular iPad note-taking programs such as SimpleNote, SimpleText, Elements, Index Card and so on - please check out our videos page for more demos.

Scrivener uses the system-standard OS X dictionaries, so it can spell-check in whatever languages you have available on your system.

Yes - have you gone through the tutorial yet? If not, I definitely recommend it. Also take a look at the video on how to get statistics; there’s also a whole section in the Help file on how to get different statistics. But basically you have a live word count at the bottom of the editor for the current document, and can use Project > Project Statistics or Project Targets to get a count for the whole.

That’s subjective and as the program’s developer I am biased, but many academics use it, and there are some academic project templates in the templates chooser panel (File > New Project).

Hope that helps.

All the best,

As a doctoral candidate, class tutor and sessional lecturer, I think Scrivener is outstanding for academic papers. The completed work needs to be compiled into Word (or other word processor of your choice) at the end, but during the actual writing phase there is nothing better. I am using it for my doctoral thesis and wish that I had used it for my papers & articles in the past.