License activation in Beta?

Brand new user who just bought the existing version of Windows Scrivener and decided I’d best get up to speed on the v3 beta due to its impending release date and the fact that several collaborators use the MacOS version.

Possible dumb question though: is there a way for me to enter my key into the beta or will redownload be required? The manual mentions a “Help > Enter License “ menu command at pg. 19 but I am unable to find it on the beta software I believe I have correctly downloaded.

Apologies if this is in a FAQ somewhere but searching the forum for the command, Google-gu, and searching the software itself have all failed me.

There is no option to enter your serial key in the beta. You can use it until the beta expires. Then that happens you’ll need to download the newest version of the beta or if we get a full release, install that. Only after the release version is out will you be able to enter a serial key.