license activation


I bought a windows scrivener license a few days ago but I’ve managed to activate it only on one my windows machines (sadly for me it’s not the machine I can use to work) :

  • The machine where the activation worked is on windows 10 family 64bits
  • The machine where it didn’t work is a surface Pro on windows 10 Pro 64 bits => If scrivener isn’t activated on this machine I really cannot use it to work.

In order to keep on working with scrivener I’ve downloaded the beta version but it says it will expire the 30th of septembre. Is there a solution to postpone the expiration date please? It’s the only way I can use scrivener. And I paid the license.

thank you for your help!

thank you!

Did you make sure, on the Surface Pro, that you have at least .NET 4.5, and preferably .NET 4.6.2 or higher installed and updated?

I have this version: 4.6.01038 an I’m not sure 4ll be able to update as it’s my work computer and our IT is managing the framework and is blocking major update like that.