License code?

My ancient version of Scrivener will become nonfuntional when I upgrade to Mac os Catalina, so I’m trying to get an updated version:
I’m running 1.54 right now. The pop up says that I have a paid update to scrivener 2, but clicking the install prompt doesn’t do anything. the website says that I need a license code to upgrade to three at a discount, but I have no idea where the license code is. Is it present somewhere on the app itself? How am I supposed to find it?

Information about license retrieval is here: … -it-back-2

If that doesn’t help, please open a support ticket. We can’t address licensing issues through the forum.


You should be able to read your serial number without off-site assistance. All you need is to take notice of a property list file from which Scrivener reads its settings. While in Finder, select “Go to a Folder…” command from the drop-down menu invoked by clicking on the menu item “Go” of the Finder menu bar. In the navigation text box enter “~/Library/Preferences/” (discarding the quotes), hit OK. You will be brought to the preferences folder.

Call out another search field with the shortcut “Cmd-F”, type in “literatureandlatte.scrivener.plist”. At this point, depending on a version of Scrivener a numbered suffix after the word “scrivener” may exist. It denotes the version of Scrivener you’re using, or no version at all if the version is 1. However that may be, you need the part of this file name excluding “.plist” ending.

Open Terminal (located in the subfolder “Utilities” of the folder “Applications” or, alternatively, you can summon the Spotlight and after typing “Terminal” choose the top result which always will be the utility itself) and type the following command (omit the square brackets which are for a purpose of clarification):

defaults read com.literatureandlatte.scrivener[version_num_if_present] SCRSerialNumber

Terminal will output the unique serial number of your copy of Scrivener.