License not found on launch


I just ran into this bug, but it resolves itself.

I had a large number of programs open, including Scapple and Scrivener, when I accidently rebooted the computer (wrong command in Alfred - I was not completely awake). When it rebooted, Scrivener loaded fine, but Scapple said that it could not launch the license agent (I forgot the name it gave). I simply shutdown Scapple and re-launched it and it was fine.

I am posting this in case anyone else sees it and panics. It says it is licensed fine now and no other issues has been seen.

Richard Guay

That’s a strange one. I might have been just a coincidence that the restart triggered a check and for some reason it failed at that point (perhaps the 'net was blocked when it tried the first time). It would have been a message from eSellerate, that is our vendor and we use their system for registration. If it happens again, there may be a permission issue on the computer, please contact our support address for further help. Hopefully it was just a weird thing with the reboot though. :slight_smile: