License not working on 2nd computer

The installation of Scrivener on my laptop suddenly stopped working after an update, I know it was an issue and that new updates have been released to fix this problem, but unfortunately I have not yet been able to successfully reactivate my license on the laptop.

I reinstall scrivener, and activate the license. All looks good, but them when I close the program and restart it, a pop-up shows up after a few seconds that activation did not work and that the version will revert to the trial state.

This is really annoying and I can’t seem to fix it no matter how many times I reinstall/reboot, etc.

Is there anything I’m overlooking? Do I need to dive into ‘regedit’ to manually put in the license (or remove the old faulty license)?

One thing that might have impacted it as well is that I had to change user accounts on my laptop recently, but I can’t remember if the problem existed before that already or not.

Anyone know how to fix it?