License number isn't accepted

I have tried unsuccessfully on windows using IE and more recently Chrome to register the licence number name and licence number (provided by my university and keyed in to the trial version of Scrivener) and each time I receive a message saying they do not match. I have cut and pasted both, ensured that there are no spaces, I have uninstalled Scrivener twice and deleted all files then reinstalled but to no avail. I have emailed you over the weekend (on my mac) and received no response. Is it time to give up? I have another colleague who had a similar problem and who eventually gave up and bought her own version of the software - this is not something I am prepared to do! Please help!!

Email them directly at and give them more information, such as which university you are at, which version of Scrivener you are using etc.



Thanks I will :slight_smile: