License server error in Scrivener 3

Hello, new forum user here. Whenever I try to open a new project in Scrivener 3.0.1 (and this happened in the pre-update version as well), an error message pops up saying, “Could not connect to the license server, please try again.”

I am running Windows 10 and it’s fully up to date. Please fix this issue, I’m fed up with this error.

We just released 3.1 this week with improvements on the licensing error issue. Please go to Help → Check for Updates to get fully up to date.

I am running 3.1 and the error still comes up.

This is the aforementioned error. Happens every time I’m running Scriv on an internet connection.


You might need to check to see if you have a VPN or antivirus that’s interrupting Scrivener’s ability to establish a connection with the licensing server.

No VPN at all and no antivirus - only Windows Defender.

Try temporarily disabling Windows Defender

Will try that, thank you.

I had this same issue right after installing the 3.1 update. But I did as suggested and ran it with Windows Defender temporarily turned off. So far so good. I have turned it back on, but haven’t tried to see if it continues to work yet.

If you found that an overprotective Windows Defender is causing a problem with Scrivener on your PC, you can whitelist the Scrivener 3 program folder in Windows Settings.

Windows Security > Virus & threat protection > Virus & Threat protection settings > Manage Settings > Exclusions > Add or remove Exclusions > Add an exclusion.

I haven’t had to do this myself with Windows Defender, but I’m fairly sure I can recall posts from back when Scriv 3 was first released that some folks had to whitelist Scrivener. (I did have to whitelist Calibre2, which uses the same QT development framework as Scrivener.)