License version 1 to version 3 upgrade issues


I have a Windows license for Scrivener 1. I bought it in 2020. I upgraded to Scrivener 3 a few days ago, but I didn’t record the upgraded v3 license at that time. I’m changing my computer now, and I can’t find the v3 license. Now, can you please provide me with my v3 license after the upgrade?

Here are my tips for doing it now:
I now have Scrivener 3 installed on my computer

  1. If I enter the original license for Scrivener 1, it says: “The license you provided is not valid for Scrivener 3. If you have upgraded, make sure you are using the correct serial number. You can get it from our Serial number retrieval page to request an additional purchase copy.
    License does not match product.”.

  2. If I click Recover Lost License, enter my email, but I get this: “You have no order history for Literature & Latte.”

  3. If I click on upgrading from an older version, it will prompt: “This license has been upgraded”.

So, I can’t find the license for v3 anymore, I really don’t have any way.

So please provide me with my upgraded license.

Welcome to the forum!

To protect our users’ privacy, we do not troubleshoot licensing questions via this public forum.

Please use one of the emails on our Contact Us page to open a help ticket. That way, our tech-support team can assist you in getting these licensing issues resolved.