1. MacOS Scrivener 2.9 is free?

  2. Windows 1.9 will be free too?

  3. Crossgrade/ License transfer


Could someone help me understand the reasoning behind, MacOS 2.9 being free? Is that an April fools joke which was forgotten to get a roll-back?

The only reasoning on the main website is to allow older systems to run it. Still dont understand why make it free? If you use older system and cant run the newest, you should still pay the fee. Or simply downgrade your OS. Seriously why free??

Will we be seeing the same on Scrivener for windows when the new v3 comes out?

Also does anyone know, how one should crossgrade/transfer your licenses to Windows?

Is cross-grading not available if you go Mac to Windows? Only available for Windows to Mac? Can’t find anywhere on the main page… Do I receive the link from Tech Support? Or is it somewhere hidden on the main website?
On the older website version you used to be able to select a whole lot of various licenses from one single page, how do you do it now? It used to be so easy to compare various licenses and see what you are actually paying for.

If one cross-grades to Windows, do you still get a free upgrade to Windows 3 when it comes out?
If you manage to transfer your licence, do you still get a free upgrade to Windows 3 when it comes out?

I think the answers to your questions are:

  1. Yes, if you have an old Mac version 3 license, but only if you bought it before 26 June

  2. Yes, if you buy a Win version 3 license, when it comes out. Right now, if you buy a version 1.9 license you get version 3 for free when it is released.

  3. No. As far as I understand a license for one OS can’t be transferred to another OS, and there are no more discounts after they had to change sales platform.

You find most answers here: … stallation

It will run even if you bought the licence before 26th June. And on macOS Catalina 10.15 too.

This website says that:

Which is bollocks…

I managed to succesfully run 2.9 on 2 different macs, on 2 different networks, on both Majove and beta 10.15 Catalina… So that “…won’t run on 10.12…” statement is false. Simply downgrade to lower macOS > Instal Scrivener 2.9 > upgrade back to 10.12++ … and you have free fully operational Scrivener. Unless that’s a bug?

I really hope when Scriv3 comes out on Windows, that they will offer the same FREEWARE for Windows users, or at least a discount…

I actually found crossgrading links on these forums:

Mac to Windows: … remail.htm

Windows to Mac: … remail.htm

Although seems like you are right, both are broken as it won’t recognise my email. Not sure why L&L haven’t removed them yet.

I am in contact with tech supp at the moment, who advised that license transfers were offered before, but not 100% sure if they still do them right now. Being transfered to sales…

If you think you know the answers, why post questions in the forum?

You can try to run Scrivener 2.9 on Mac OS 10.12 and newer. It may even work. But that configuration is completely unsupported and entirely at your own risk.

In particular, Scrivener 2.9 is a 32-bit application, and Apple has already warned that they will be ending support for 32-bit applications at some point.

Put more bluntly, if you decide to run an explicitly unsupported version in order to save a few bucks, don’t expect the support team to have much sympathy when a Mac OS upgrade breaks it at the worst possible time.


I have license for both Scriv2 and Scriv3. I am just appailed how L&L always writes about how they need to support their developers by having 2 seperate licenses. Yet still make mac version free. On top of all this they have disabled transfers and crossgrading… makes no sense.

Support their developers?? :open_mouth:

How did you test this? Did you download the legacy version to an alternative email (without a license) and ran it for 30 effective days so the trial period ended and it kept running after that?

We get that you are appailed (appalled?), though not sure why.

L&L explained on the thread you quoted from that it was not feasible to put effort into additional code for e-commerce provider in the old 2.9 version of Scrivener Mac. Not sure why you are bent out of shape on that, and the resultant free copy on Mac. They also stated that wouldn’t run on 10.12 and above unless you have an esellerate licence, that little bit of the disclaimer wasn’t in your quote.

Disabling cross grades and transfers from my reading of the thread relates to the new sales platform.

Can’t help but think it’s all about getting a free version of Scrivener from all the questions.

From a security (IMHO) point of view, unless hardware won’t support Mojave, prudence dictates the update and added security and functionality.

As for downgrading MacOS, unless you have an older OS backup or are willing to wipe and use internet recovery on a system that came with an older version originally installed there is no Apple supported way to downgrade and they will not provide support in doing so or if anything goes wrong.

As Katherine said, if you manage to get a free version to work on unsupported OS combo, be ready for a lack of sympathy from L&L and the forum the first time you complain about something going wrong and potential loss of work.

Lot of risk to save a buck or two.

Thanks, Katherine. Completely forgot that Apple with the release of Catalina 10.15 is dropping support for 32-bit apps! That clears things out!

Sorry if I came out like that. Simply, I have a few Scrivener 2 licences which are dusting shelves at the moment,

I use Scrivener across all platforms: Mac, Windows + iOS.

I could have used those Scriv2 licenses to e…g crossgrade to Windows (taking into consideration that Windows is still on v2~), that would’ve been awesome. But looks like I am 1 month too late :cry: I even remember receiving an email, that soon they will be doing the switch. But didn’t think much of it… until my circumstances have changed :blush: