Licensing Issue

Sorry if this in the wrong place, but I could not find a specific place to ask this question.

When you purchase a license to run Scrivener on your computer how many computers are you allowed to use it on?

Right now I only have the house computer on the desk in the living room, and that is where I am running Scrivener. However, I have ordered a new windows laptop that should be here by the end of the month and I want to install and use Scrivener on it as well. That way it does not matter whether I am using the Windows 7 computer in the living room or the Windows 8.1 laptop.

Can I use my existing license on both computers at once or do I have to purchase a new license to use Scrivener on my laptop? :confused:

You’re welcome to install Scrivener on both. We have a “household licence”, so your serial name and number may be used on multiple computers belonging to and used by you or family members living under the same roof. Here are more details.

Thank you so much for that quick reply. That Support document was exactly what I had been searching for but I could not find it. That completely answered my question. Your help is very much appreciated.